Chiller: The Complete Television Series (1995) (DVD Review)

Chiller: The Complete Television Series (1995) (DVD Review)
Director:  Various
Where to get it: Synapse Films

The television series Chiller was a five episode horror anthology that aired in the UK in 1995.  Presented here for the first time in the U.S., these supernatural shockers feature malevolent spirits, a brutal serial killer and a haunted house set in contemporary England.  Starring many of Britain’s leading actors like Nigel Havers (Chariots of Fire, TV’s Coronation Street), Martin Clunes (UK’s Men Behaving Badly), Sophie Ward (Young Sherlock Holmes) and Kevin McNally (Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean series), this compelling collection will leave you chilled to the bone!

Disc 1

When a group of friends hold a séance in the basement of a London café, they each receive a prophecy. Five years later, the frightening prophecies begin to come true.


The first episode of Chiller could have been a frontrunner for what would later be known to us as Final Destination. A group of friends mess with some stuff they shouldn’t have messed with and before you know it people are getting killed and a creepy kid comes into play. Being a TV show there isn’t gallons of blood but they make good use of what they have. The ending comes after some creative deaths and is probably the creepiest tale out of the whole series. It’s well acted and very well done.


Ray and Louise Knight tragically lose Toby, their unborn baby, in a car accident.  Louise soon discovers she’s pregnant again, but a routine scan reveals she is not… even though her body feels like she is!


How can you top the creepy kid factor in a horror plot? Replace the creepy kid with an evil unborn baby that seems to be straight from hell. Like the story before it, you do see elements here that could have been used to help spark the ideas for flms later to come like Grace. The movie keeps you guessing until the end but doesn’t seem to have a very strong ending unlike most of these. Still, it is a very cool little plot that keeps you interested.


A social worker helps a young homeless man but may die trying, when she discovers her predecessor was murdered under mysterious circumstances.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, but when that mind is causing you to do harm to others things get messy as well. And rest a sure things get messy here with this tale that does seem to raise the violence level of the series up a bit. When things get kicked off with a woman being smashed by a truck you know you are in for an entertaining hour. Following the slightly less quality of Toby, this is a very well made story that packs some nice twist and turns and ends on a very cool note as well.


Disc 2

Richard Cramer, a professional de-bunker of the paranormal, moves into Windwhistle Hall with his family, only to find themselves involved in a series of unexplained events and accidents.

In this tale we have a man who doesn’t think there is a such thing as ghost, but after some strange things happen in his new house his wife is begging to differ. This is an episode that moves a little slow but does a fine job of at least tossing a few nice curve calls at you before and at the end. It is a bit draggy, but otherwise very interesting.


In Helsby, a small Yorkshire town, police search desperately for a child killer.  Tied somehow to an ancient Druidic site, this killer may strike again at the next full moon.

I believe the one and only real dude in the Chiller series was this one right here. We are treated to many things here including a very creepy group of kids and one annoying main child actor. Things move along fast enough but it is just hard to really get into what is going on. It does come across kind of creepy, but it never does really suck you in.