Crimson: The Motion Picture (2011) (DVD Review)

Crimson: The Motion Picture (2011) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Ken Cosentino
Starring: Michael Leszczynski, James Ventry, Lizzy Bruno
Rated: UR/Region: 0/16×9/Number of dics: 1
Available from Alternative Cinema


Walter Levitte is a comic book artist who is down on his luck. A fateful accident leads him to awaken in a hospital with extreme nerve damage and memory loss. His only memory is that of his comic book character, CRIMSON. Believing he is CRIMSON, Walter escapes the hospital and embarks on a vigilante mission to rid his home town of the Irish Mafia.


In what is a nice effort but sadly unrewarding to this reviewer, Crimson, is a take at a more realistic and low budget style of hero storytelling. I think the slow build is one thing that hurts, because low budget or big budget, people want to see a hero film quickly get through any backstory and get to the good stuff. Even if Crimson is trying to be more Punisher and less Batman, we needed to quickly get with the meat and potatoes of the story. We end up spending way too long worrying about the leads hardships and other elements. I think had we just touched on that and shortened how long the film ran we could have come up with something more likely to keep us all interested.

And speaking of Batman, while you probably won’t hear many people comparing Crimson to the Dark Knight, we can at least say the lead in both have a very bad “growling voice” thing. It’s hard to put into words but people have hated Christian Bale’s “Batman voice” since those movies started and our hero here has just as bad of one when he’s out fighting the mafia. There are just a number of things that do not seem to work for Crimson, but we aren’t one to kick the little guy on this site, or at least we don’t do it too much. Let us just say that Crimson is a very rare required taste and I don’t believe many of you will have a craving for it overall.


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