Dark Harvest (With Bonus Feature Escapes) (DVD Review)

Dark Harvest (With Bonus Feature Escapes) (DVD Review)
Rated: UR/Region 0/Number of Discs 1 (Share the same disc)
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Dark Harvest (1992)
Directed By: James I. Nicholson
Starring: David Zyler, Jamee Natella, Debbie O’Der

A broken down van strands a group of college students in the middle of the desert. Forced to hike their way out, they unwittingly enter a sacred Indian burial ground…A place they should have left alone.

Dark Harvest (also known as Bloody Harvest on the old VHS I have) is a shot on video horror film that is about as charming as it is cheaply made. Being shot on video means you will be getting questionable acting, a whole lot of stuff being filmed at daytime for lighting reasons and bargain bin effects. That is just what you get here with this one, but the film’s credit, things are pretty well made despite all of this for the most part. We see a couple murdered out in the middle of nowhere at the start of the film and then we move on to meeting our cast of people that will be broke down and picked off by our Scarecrow killer moving forward. We have blood, we have a cool killer regardless of the cheap look, and we even have a sex scene in a chicken coop! Dark Harvest will be an acquired taste for most who check it out. It leans towards those folks who are a lot like me and actually enjoy the mess that can be shot on video horror. All in all, while Dark Harvest won’t be the best film you’ve seen, even for a shot on video movie. It won’t be the worst either. And it is nice to have this on DVD so I can give my VHS of it a break.


– Patti Negri Remembers Dark Harvest
– Dan Weiss Remembers Dark Harvest via Skype




Escapes (1986)
Directed By: David Steensland
Starring: Vincent Price, Todd Fulton, Jerry Grisham

An anthology of five tales of terror, each originally produced for video. The titles are “Something’s Fishy,” “Coffee Break,” “Who’s There,” “Jonah’s Dream,” and “Think Twice.”

While the plot summary for this lists the shorts you see in this one, I should also note the Hobgoblin Bridge segment that was cut at one time from the VHS version makes a return to the movie on this DVD release. Escapes may actually top Dark Harvest on this release as being the better of the two. While mostly a film made with shorts that were used to fill the caps of Sci-Fi Channel programming in the 80’s, Vincent Price stars in and helps make this one entertaining. We see him deliver a tape to someone’s house who didn’t order it. That guy pops the tape in and the weirdness starts. Most of these are short and to the point, but one segment called Coffee Break might just be a hidden gem on this whole ordeal. It comes with a few quotable moments that most horror lovers who like the more goofy side of the genre will adore. Some of these segments have some pretty cool effects for the time and budget even if it all looks cheap. Vincent Price also never hurts being in the mix for any movie.


– English subtitles
– Tom Naygrow on David Steensland