Death-Scort Service (2015) (DVD Review)


Death-Scort Service (2015) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Sean Donohue
Starring: Krystal Pixie Adams, Ashley Lynn Caputo, Sean Donohue
Rated: UR/Region: 1/Widescreen/Number of disc: 1 (DVD-r)
Available from SLEAZE BOX


From the makers of DIE DIE DELTA PI and AMERIKAN HOLOKAUST bring you this insane slasher film, DEATH-SCORT SERVICE! Gatorblade Films and The Sleaze Box have teamed to make the absolutely inappropriate, unapologetically ludicrous and revolting exploitation sickie, directed by Sean Donohue and written and produce by Donohue and Chris Woods. In an everyday town, a group of local up and coming escorts become targets for murder! A deranged slasher is on the loose and out for revenge in this blood-soaked tale about prostitutes who fall victim to a mysterious killer.


Death-Scort Service is about what you have come to expect from The Sleaze Box. That being said, I’m sure a lot of people out there will be happy with the result. Basically escorts are being killed and they are being killed in rather brutal fashion. This leaves the door wide open for the movie to toss at us a whole lot of nudity and then gore. And we sure do get plenty of both, with just a little bit of story sprinkled on-top of it. I happen to like hot women being naked as well as gore that isn’t CGI, so this one did win me over a bit just being what it was. I didn’t go into it expecting some drawn out and interesting story, so I wasn’t let-down with the rather simple methods it uses. I was surprised at how good the gore was. Trust me, if you are a gore hound then you get what you wanted out of this one. I will say that next to the naked women, the gore might be the best thing about this movie.



These types of movies may be a little bit in the “love it or hate it” department of horror movies. I respect the hell out of what The Sleaze Box has to offer and I think out of what we’ve seen come from them, this one might be one of the most well-polished one. One that finds a bit of a balance to the madness, even if you could say it gets a little bit repetitive from time to time. It has that really midnight feel to it and you may want to take a shower after seeing it, but that could very well be the whole point of it at the end of the day. Some won’t get much out of this, but others will. I think there is enough blood and boobs you make the most of you who probably read this site enjoy what you see. If you really are up for a smut show, then this one offers that up to you if nothing else.



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