Death Wish 2/ Death Wish 3 (Blu-Ray/DVD Review)

Death Wish 2/ Death Wish 3 (Blu-Ray/DVD Review)
Rated: R 18+/Region B(Both Discs will play in A/1 players)/1080p/Number of Discs 2
Available from Umbrella Entertainment

Death Wish II (1982)
Directed By: Michael Winner
Starring: Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Vincent Gardenia

In an attempt to put his grisly past behind him, Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) has moved to Los Angeles to begin life anew. After a violent altercation with a bunch of street thugs, Kersey is once again a marked man. A legacy of violence is unleashed as Kersey sets out to track down the five thugs who have turned his life upside down and provided him with an insatiable drive for vengeance.

Everyone wants to always talk about Taken how the main guy in that has the worst luck ever. Well, if you think his luck is bad you’ve never heard of Paul Kersey (played by Charles Bronson) and the Death Wish series. After having his wife killed in the first film and then tracking down the killers like dogs, Paul finds himself once again having to basically do the same thing in Death Wish 2. This time it is his poor daughter, still messed up from before, they find herself in the hands of a bad group of guys. One bad jump out the window later and Paul once again finds himself pushed over the edge and having to take justice into his own hands.

I LOVE Death Wish and Death Wish 2. I actually saw Death Wish 2 for the first time before I ever saw the original film. Charles Bronson is a legend to me and to a lot of people and a movie like Death Wish 2 is what makes a lot of folks feel that way. I’m sure if you’ve never seen this one before, you’ll see what all the fuss is about after watching it. Umbrella brings the movie to HD and it looks really good as you can see from the screenshots here. It also comes with both the director’s cut as well as other cuts of the film on the bonus DVD disc that comes with this set. If that doesn’t alone make this at least the ultimate Death Wish 2 release, then I don’t know what will. This is an awesome movie and this is a great release for what they do with this movie alone.





Death Wish 3 (1985)
Directed By: Michael Winner
Starring: Charles Bronson, Deborah Raffin, Ed Lauter

Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) arrives in New York to visit an old friend, but is horrified to find him the victim of a brutal attack. Kersey snaps back into his old ways – gearing up as the silent avenger once more – ready to strike back against injustice and wage bloody war against the city’s growing population of thugs and reprobates.

By the time we hit Death Wish 3 you kind of get the idea that we’re just stretching for reasons for Paul Kersey to fly off the handle and go on a roaring rampage of revenge. And to its credit, thanks to Charles Bronson again owning the role like only he can, he still kind of works. This time around he’s seeking vengeance on a street gang with a much more urban tale. So, at least they didn’t go and kill another family member to set the plot off and rolling this time. For an action/revenge flick, you could do a lot worse than Death Wish 3. This one might have a bit of a weaker plot than the others but comes at you with such a violent glee that you still don’t mind the flaws much.

All in all, Death Wish 3 is still solid even if it is below the original two. I like the gritty ways of the franchise in general but this one seems to take it a little above the norm. It also seems to be crossing over a bit into a self-parody of its own self, but I don’t think anyone working on or in this film would tell you that it wasn’t intentional. If you like revenge movies, then this is a series you’ll want to see. If you want to own the best version of each film, then Umbrella probably makes a solid claim to being the version you want with this release. It also helps that these will play in a normal USA player as well.






Blu-ray Disc
– Death Wish 2 Unrated Director’s Cut
– Death Wish 3 Unrated Theatrical Cut
– Trailer and TV Spots
– Action II: 52 Minute Making of Feature for Death Wish 3, Runaway Train, and House
– Extended Interviews from Electric Boogaloo: The Wild Untold Story of Cannon Films
DVD Disc
– Original Theatrical, TV, and Greek VHS versions of Death Wish 2