Demons Never Die (2011) (Movie Review)

Demons Never Die (2011) (Movie Review)
Director:  Arjun Rose

When a young girl takes her own life, Archie and the other Suicide Kids decide to follow her lead and form a pact. But as the group begins to die one by one, Archie realizes that they have all become the target of a masked killer and that his commitment to death has become a terrifying fight for survival and a battle to protect the girl he loves. But who’s the killer? So it adds up another slasher “who done it” film.

I hate to say it, but I’ve yet to see a UK slasher film that ever really did anything for me. Demons Never Die is a movie that I think is a bit slow out of the gate and it never does seem to really pickup any pace until it’s in its final act and by then you may have lost interest. It is made up of a cast of overly attractive people that all want to kill themselves in the movie for random reasons. I know everyone regardless of who they are and how they look have problems, but these kids in this movie look like they’d be setting at the cool table in high school not spending all their time being moody and trying to figure out if they want to O.D. or blow their brains out when they all commit suicide. It is just really hard to connect with anyone on the screen.

I also think while we have a cool looking killer that we could have had a little more blood here than we end up with. There is some throat slashing, we have a lot of stabbing, but nothing that is creative or memorable. The final twist is a kind of cool moments. I didn’t guess it so I guess we should give credit to that. While nothing overly horrible, I just don’t think anyone wanting to find the elements of an old school style All-American slasher will be satisfied with what we have here in this UK one.