Der Bunker (2015) (Blu-ray Review)


Der Bunker (2015) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Nikias Chryssos
Starring: Pit Bukowski, Daniel Fripan, Oona von Maydell
Rated: UR/Region A/2:35/1080p/Number of Discs 1
Available from Artsploitation Films


A young student seeks quiet and solitude to focus on an important work but ends up as the teacher of a peculiar boy who is home-schooled by his parents in an isolated bunker mansion. THE BUNKER is a dark, twisted, and funny tale about childhood, growing up and education.


Der Bunker (which means The Bunker here in America) is a movie unlike just about anything I’ve ever seen. This is the story of a very odd couple with a very odd “child” living in a bunker of a home when they rent out the spare room to a guy (the student) who ends up getting basically everything but the quiet he was looking for. What makes it so odd is that it is a very dry comedy in a lot of ways and that seems to be the base of the movie but at the same time you sense something is up that isn’t good and you have a feeling that the other foot will drop. That does happen, but it doesn’t happen until after we’ve had a few laughs, seen a kid that clearly isn’t 8 breastfeed on his mother, seen the same mother talk through and to something that is very supernatural, and other weird stuff that I don’t want to say here. You just need to experience it for yourself and I’m not too sure everyone will dig it but I do bet you won’t be able to burn it off and that you’ll at least remember it after it’s over. It’s a bit less stylish than a Wes Anderson film but it has some of those tones to it with the characters and humor.

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But this IS a film with horror tones and those parts of this one really do creep up on you and when something happens in that nature it really does seem to hit the point hard. That’s when the David Lynch comparisons come into play and I could see that comparison. This is a movie with a lot of German in it. If you’ve seen a few German movies then you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that. It’s like you took a lot of different things and tossed them in a blender and then sprinkled that German flavor on top. I don’t know what you’d call that but I did like it. As someone who is always seeing a lot of movies and hoping to find something that feels new, this is easily the newest feeling film I’ve seen all year. If you like movies that are so genre-bending that you don’t know what to call them and are always interesting in the weirder side of cinema, then Der Bunker is something you’ll want to see. You can find it out there on Blu-ray from Artsploitation right now.



– Deleted Scenes with English subtitles
– Outtakes with English subtitles
– Trailers
– Director’s Audio Commentary
– Audio Commentary

Quality of Transfer: 92%





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