Diamond Select Toys Ghostbusters Dana Barrett Figure Review

Diamond Select Toys Dana Barrett is a pretty cool figure as you can see from both the videos and the pictures here. She looks just like she does at the end of the movie and she does have a very nice likeness to Sigourney Weaver. She comes with a big part of the building top that you’ll need all 15 Diamond Select Ghostbusters figures to put together and I’m pretty sure that’s why she just comes with one set of hands when most figures come with lots of stuff. Still, it’s a nice figure looks wise and comes with a nice chunk of the building.

She also has all the articulation that the other figures come with, but her dress is in the way of her leg movement. That was expected with this style, but it’s still there even if it’s just hampered. All in all, I am a big fan of the character and like how the figure looks even if the plastic of the dress gets in the way.

Package wise it comes in the cool “Select” packaging and I’m always a big fan of that.