Elevator (2011) (DVD Review)

Elevator (2011)
Director: Stig Svendsen
Where to get it: Amazon

Nine people stuck on an elevator one has a ticking bomb – the other eight will do absolutely anything to survive. The bomb cannot be defused. There is no escape and no promise of rescue. The unthinkable becomes the only reasonable solution. In a suspense thriller, both classic and contemporary, the passengers on Elevator are squeezed so tightly by fear and panic, the only possible result is horror. With minutes to live, there is no time for civilized morals. I guess you could say it’s sorta like Devil without the demonic elements.

Elevator is a well-acted affair. You might not have a lot of house hold names here but you at least have quality and very good character actors playing interesting characters. And it is a very good thing that the acting is so well since around 98% of this thing takes place in the closed and uncomfortable settings of a stuck elevator. After the danger is made public to those in the tight space, we then have the trouble of finding out how they will get out. It makes for an interesting time if you don’t mind the loss of cinematic bells and whistles going along with the storytelling.

And of course we have inner issues with the people who are stuck. One is worth millions and has a little kid with him. We have a comedian who isn’t that funny (to the people he’s stuck with), we have a hot and pregnant woman who has a connection to someone else on the elevator. Those little twist and turns keep it fresh as we roll along into our very cool and bloody finish. If you don’t mind just sitting around and watching, all the while giving a movie time to breath, you’ll dig Elevator.