Ernest Scared Stupid (1991) (Blu-ray Review)

Ernest Scared Stupid (1991)
Directed By: John R. Cherry III
Where to get it: Mill Creek

When Ernest looks to help some children with their Halloween haunted house, he ends up accidentally unleashing an evil troll that intends to bring about the end of the World. While having to deal with his youthful friends being transformed into wooden dolls by the troll, our hero Ernest looks to find a way to stop it and return his friends to normal. This will be one Halloween that Ernest and his pals will never forget!

Ernest is a perfect character for kids. But when you are also a very young horror fan a movie like this is like a dream come true. And that’s how it was in 1991 when eight year old me walked into a video store and saw a new Halloween based Ernest title. So I will be honest and say upfront that a big part of what I like this movie is because of nostalgia. However, this is also an Ernest movie with a damn good plot. Its Ernest fight off a family curse as well as doing battle with a little troll of a creature that seems to be lack toast and tolerant. What’s not to love??

I remember seeing this on VHS back in the day and the Mill Creek Blu-ray blows that out of the water (naturally). It’s an awesome and funny movie in a crisp and clean transfer. It’s meant for kids, but the movie is also well paced and fun for the entire family if you leave logic at the door. Ernest is a timeless character and this is a timeless movie. Great for Halloween or great for anytime you want to watch it. And do yourself a favor and checkout the Blu-ray version!