Evil Dead Inbred Rednecks (2011)

Evil Dead Inbred Rednecks (2011)
Director: Chris Seaver
Where to get it: MVD

Witness one of the most bizarre & confounding flicks ever made in EVIL DEAD INBRED REDNECKS! In a small cabin on the edge of a park, a group of friends gather for fun. But when they come across a mysterious book, and of course despite all warnings read aloud from it, they unwittingly unleash a ghostly evil. The book resurrects whacked out redneck Leo DeChamp, a serial killer who used to strangle kids with skunk tails in the 1960’s. Leo has returned to terrorize all with his unique brand of “redneckian” villainy, and to claim more young, nubile (and downright not so nubile) victims.

I hate to be one to hike up my leg and take a pee on someone’s work. Especially when it’s a homemade do it yourself horror film, but this movie (all 45 minutes of it) was a bit of a chore to get through. On one side the film does at least look good for what it is. I’m sure there wasn’t a big budget but the movie didn’t look like a typical DIY movie. And the lead, “Bruce”, did seem like a pretty good actor, all things considered. While the rest of the cast seem to be trying not to laugh or came across just annoying (in a bad way) he held his end up superbly. If only this film could have more people like him in it. Instead the movie is just too silly for its own good and it along with some characters make it impossible to get into.

Speaking of bad characters, this film has a “horror host” that is a heavy man in drag. He also plays one of the characters in the film. His in movie character is alright, but the horror host character was the worst. And I don’t think the gimmick was needed for this. This “host” lets us know in advance that the film we see in a big pile of crap. Then this character pops in from time to time to annoy us. I really could have done without that. In the end you have a really short film that just isn’t that good but it’s at least an OK attempt for what it is and what sources were available. In an added bonus, the movie does come along with Seaver’s other film, I Spit Chew on Your Grave. It’s around an hour long and is actually a much better film than this. It has a better plot and some style to it. It may be worth getting this just for that.