Evil in the Woods (1986) (DVD Review)


Evil in the Woods (1986) (DVD Review)
Directed By: William J. Oates
Starring: Brian Abent, Carolina Antonini, Schelli Marie Barbaro
Rated: UR/Region: 0/1:33/Number of disc: 1
Available from Massacre Video


A low-budget film crew travels down to the Southern town of Mildew, Georgia to lens their new cinematic opus, Bigfoot vs. The Space Killers. Unbeknownst to them, there are actual monsters in the woods, monsters that are embodiment of pure evil, driven by a 3030 year-old force named Ida!


I looked forward to Evil in the Woods. I don’t really know why, but there was just something about the plot and about the cover of this release that made me want to see it. This 1986 movie about a group of folks who run into some trouble in the woods while trying to make a movie is sandwiched between the tale of a boy checking out the book of the film’s same name from the library and the creepy stuff that follows from that. It catches your attention at the start good enough, but soon after you start to get a bit bored with Evil in the Woods as a whole. It is cheap in a very charming way, the plot is bad as expected, but just not as bad in a fun way, which was also expecting heading into watching it. The whole middle portion of the movie is what I’d call random at times, but it never does much to really grab you and hold you until the film gets fun again, which is does get, but that is at the end of the film when the day for night isn’t night enough to make you forget the plot is switching back and forth between clearly a scene that was shot a night and another that takes place at the same time and it clearly during the day.



The last part of the film is of course when the cool looking creatures come out. That is around the ending of the movie and I think the film does end way better than it starts, it is just too little too late to save the thing as a whole. Even the finale with the kid reading this story is fun, but not fun enough to make the whole film what I’d call worth it. These types of things are really hit and miss with me and if you are going to be weird and cheap, you got to at least try to always remain entertaining, which Evil in the Woods doesn’t manage to do enough overall. It starts fine and it ends fine, but the rest is what is a chore to make it through. It has about everything you’d want in a lower budget cult film, but it just doesn’t use what it has enough to make this one manage to get over the hump. Out of the slew of films Massacre Video has tossed on DVD recently, this is probably the one that I find the least fun. Still, it appeals in the same way that any old VHS in a store with a cool cover would appeal to someone back in the day, it just also does what those does and lets you down a bit once you have actually watched it.



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