Found Footage 3D (2016) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Found Footage 3D (2016) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)
DIRECTED BY: Steven DeGennaro
STARRING: Chris O’Brien, Scott Allen Perry, Carter Roy

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A group of filmmakers sets out to make the first 3D found footage horror movie, but find themselves IN a found footage horror movie when the evil entity from their film escapes into their behind-the-scenes footage.

Found Footage 3D combines two things that usually cause a major headache in a viewer, found footage (the shaky-cam portion of it) and old-school 3D. Still, when a gimmick like that comes along I can’t help myself but to watch it. Of course, they do have a 2D option on the Blu-ray, but what fun is that? None the less, a group of people go out to a questionable location to film what they hope will be the greatest found footage film ever. They have issued within the group and soon enough bad stuff starts going down. The movie doesn’t get in a big hurry and the stuff really starts going in the final act, before that it’s a matter of if you can handle the 3D or not. I think those annoying glasses at least distract you from a few other things the movie does like the slow build.

Still, I kinda liked Found Footage 3D for at least finding a way to breathe a little life in a concept that has been used the death. The 3D stuff won’t be for everyone but it can be used in a fun way if you want to watch with some friends (movie only comes with two pairs of glasses). The only real headache issue you’ll have is when things get shaky in the final act. That was the only real eye straining moment for me. I think Found Footage 3D is at least fun if nothing else based on the gimmick. The movie alone has some issues, but I’ll give it a pass because it at least tries something new.


– Audio Commentary with Director Steven DeGennaro
– Audio Commentary with Producers Scott Weinberg, Randi Ludwig & Charles Mulford
– Outtakes
– Deleted Scenes
– Extended Scenes
– Found Footage 3D Trailer