Ghoul School (1990) (DVD Review)


Ghoul School (1990) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Timothy O’Rawe
Starring: Joe Franklin, William Friedman, Scott Gordon
Rated: UR/Region: 1/1:33/Number of discs: 1
Available from Camp Motion Pictures


Rock n Roll High School meets Re-Animator in this notorious and outrageous 1990 horror/gore comedy. When two criminals accidentally release toxic chemicals into a school s water supply those who come in contact with the lethal brew become flesh-hungry members of the walking dead. As the dead bodies pile up the student body battles to stay alive amidst the blood-splattered carnage. The only hope for survival for this high school gone to hell is a pair of bookish nerds and a talent-challenged heavy metal band but they might not make it out of lunch period in one piece.


Ghoul School feels like something you’d find all snug in the ranks of Troma. It is just THAT type of movie. It seems like a normal school day, if there ever is one at this school. But on this day we have a rock band in the gym and the janitor being murdered down in the basement. Of course that leads to the water being tainted and this effecting people drinking water from the fountain and the swim team swimming in it. From there we have a pair of friends that seem straight out of a buddy teen comedy movie running around trying to save the day with a few random others. The movie has some highs and lows really. It is good silly fun, but there are moments when nothing happens and that is a shame since the movie is pretty short. When it is good, it can be really good, but when it is being slow, it can also be pretty dull.



On the good side of things, we have very nice gore here! I think the blood might be the best part of the whole movie. So anyone who dug things like Slime City and that type of blood and splatter, should be right at home with this one. It isn’t a shot on video horror film, but it might be best for those that also love those. It is something that will be an acquired taste, given the style of it. Like I said before, this really feel like a Troma movie, but it fits in well with the Camp Motion Pictures group of releases. There are shades of such classic as Return of the Living Dead, Night of the Living Dead, and Night of the Creeps in here, but ultimately the film isn’t on that level, just shows influence from them. It is a bit cheesy and a bit silly, but harmless none the less. Not as good as the director’s other film, The Basement, but worth a watch.



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