Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College (1991) (Movie Review)

Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College (1991)
Director: John Carl Buechler

A “Ghoulies” comic book is found in a frat house bathroom. The comic secretly holds powers over three lost Ghoulies that are imprisoned within its pages. They are soon released by Professor Ragnar who uses them in an attempt to stop ‘Prank Week’ where frats play tricks on each other for a tinfoil crown. Skip Carter and his frat house of party animals are destined to take back the crown but he is having problems with his girlfriend who is dating his arch rival, Jeremy. When Jeremy frames Skip, resulting in his expulsion, the Ghoulies are sent to kill Skip and any other frats that stand in their way.

I do remember this one from my days as a kid going to my local video store. This was of course the VHS days and this is still the only Ghoulies film I have ever seen. And if you didn’t know already this was a horror comedy that shows us creatures coming from a toilet and controlled by whoever has the Ghoulies comic book in hand. You don’t have much to be afraid of here as these college raiding monsters are more worried about drinking beer than actually killing anyone. There are some very comedic based gore effects, but the best part of the film might be the hot ladies we see running around. That and the comedy of the film make it watchable, but it is still sort of forgettable overall.

The film might even make for a good comedy without those Ghoulies in it. We see a pair of college sororities trying to top the other during prank week. The head of both groups are at each other’s throats for a very pretty lady named Erin. She wants Skip (our default hero here), but he just isn’t taking his education seriously and so on and so forth. That alone makes for an interesting film but we DO have Ghoulies around so it’s a wild mix between all the elements. I found it to be fun but nothing I’d write home about overall. If you do like the horror comedies of the world, you should dig this. But take note that 90s horror comedies aren’t usually on the same level as the ones we got in the 80s and the proof is here.