Gorotica (1993) (DVD Review)

Gorotica (1993) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Hugh Gallagher
Starring: Ghetty Chasun, Dingo Jones, Bushrude Gutterman
Rated: UR/Region: 0/1:33/Number of disc: 1
Available From SRS Cinema

Neil (Dingo Jones) and Max (Bushrude Gutterman) are jewel thieves working for the enigmatic Miss Miles (Dolores Jackson). After their latest job goes wrong, Max swallows a large diamond, the main piece from the job, so they won’t be caught with the evidence. Unfortunately, he ends up getting shot and killed by a police officer soon after, leaving Neil with a rather sticky situation- how to retrieve the diamond? Meanwhile, he’s run into necrophiliac Carrie (Ghetty Chasun), who takes an immediate shine to Max, and promises to help Neil dispose of the body. Problem is, Carrie wants it fresh, and Neil needs to get inside. What to do?

Gorotica is a pretty infamous cult film for a few reasons. The biggest of those reasons is that the original VHS tape of it sells for a pretty good penny on eBay most the time. SRS has put it on DVD here for the very first time, but if you have a love for VHS still you can also get it in a limited VHS from them as well. Having the same director as Gore Whore, Gorotica, also doesn’t let the fact it is a shot on video film get in the way of it at least trying to do more than you normally see done in that style. The plot is an interesting enough one but it doesn’t get to the crazy and entertaining levels that are reached by Gore Whore. You still have blood and nudity, which I’m sure will be more than enough for some. Heck, you may even be able to call this one more coherent than some even if the follow through with the plot doesn’t bring the idea to the screen as good as it probably could have. It does have its moments, it just also seems to have a few padded out things in between those moments that hurts this one a bit more often than I’d have liked.

You do get a Nekromantik vibe here as our main female lead does get naked and decide she’d like to play around with a dead body (the dead body actor for that probably needs an award for that scene). The conflict over just what to do with this dead body is what makes the movie as fun as it can be at times. She needs it for the obvious and needs it intact. The guy needs it for the diamond and seeing as how the dude is dead he only has one way to get it back. Director Hugh Gallagher is a very clever and creative director. You can see that even in his movies that miss the mark a little bit like this one here. You may not love this one, but if you enjoy shot on video stuff I can at least say you should give this one a watch to just see how you feel about it yourself. Like I said, I don’t think I enjoyed this one as much as I do other films by Hugh Gallagher but I do see this one as a good movie to be watched with a group of friends if you are having a party and need something silly to watch.


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