Gravy (2015) (Blu-ray Review)


Gravy (2015) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: James Roday
Starring: Lothaire Bluteau, Lily Cole, Molly Ephraim
Rated: UR/Region A/2:35/1080p/Number of Discs 1
Available from Scream Factory


It’s Halloween night. A trio of costumed misfits with very special dietary requirements invades a Mexican cantina and forces the staff to engage in a late night of gluttony. The only caveat is what’s on the menu… and who will survive until morning! From director and co-writer James Roday (Psych), this deliriously demented horror-comedy is a true feast for genre fans. Stuffed with an outstanding ensemble cast and perfectly seasoned with laughs and scares, you’ll be sure to ask for seconds on Gravy.


Gravy is a movie that took a bit of time for me to warm up to as I was watching it. It looks good, has a cast of people you will recognize, but it also has a pretty big sense of humor and it leaves you early on wondering if things isn’t a bit too comedic. Anyway, it’s Halloween time and a group of people working at a restaurant have been taken hostage by a trio of cannibalistic psychopaths. This leaves the door open for a lot of slapstick horror in a way, it also leaves the door open for a bit of gore, which the movie does have. The characters all have good to great actors behind them, but some just probably annoy the viewer a bit more than I’m sure was intended. You just won’t end up caring who lives or who does, but that might have very well be in the point. Instead you just find yourself watching and enjoying the violence, which the film does have plenty of. So, even if the jokey nature of things isn’t something you will be able to like as much as you’d hope, I don’t think anyone who is a horror fan will have any issue with the gore here.



While it might seem that I’ve sworn off the comedic side of this thing, I do want to say that isn’t entirely true. When it hits a funny bone, it hits it on the mark and can makes you legit laugh out loud. Of course on the other side of that coin, when it is a miss it can just as easily make you roll your eyes at it as well. The man behind the camera on this one is James Roday, who about everyone knows as the star of Psych. If you are familiar with his style of comedy, then you know what you are getting yourself into here. I wasn’t aware, however, of his more horror influenced side and that makes room for some really dark comedic and gory moments. Those moments are when Gravy is at its best and if you stick through this one after the rough start you will probably find yourself won over by the end. I know that seems to be the case of what happened to me as I watched it. It turns up the good stuff about half-way into things, so if you stick this one out you should be happy that you did.



– Audio Commentary With James Roday, Sutton Foster And Jimmi Simpson
– What Is Gravy? Featurette
– Trailer

Quality of Transfer: 95%