Grindsploitation Trilogy (Blu-ray Review)

Grindsploitation Trilogy (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Lloyd Kaufman, John Brennan, Tony Newton, and more.
Starring: P.J. Soles, Lloyd Kaufman, Shawn C. Phillips, John Brennan, Shane Ryan
Rated: UR/Region O/Various/1080p/Number of Discs 2
Available from Troma

Troma Entertainment’s GRINDSPLOITATION TRILOGY – Over 6 Hours of Faux Film trailers, Short Films and More !!! With 3X the gore, sex, blood, and violence, the GRINDSPLOITATION TRILOGY is an abundance of faux film trailers, short films, and nostalgic features harkening back to the era of exploitation and grindhouse cinema. Each film compiles over 20 directors from around the world producing a new wave of cold-blooded talent. There is terror, horror, comedy, and science fiction for you to experience with almost 100 films in total! Make sure your doors are locked, popcorn at your side, and that you are ready to experience something that you have never seen before!

I’ll admit I had some issues on how to approach reviewing the Grindsploitation trilogy on Blu-ray. In part due to the fact that there is no how to review blook for movies made up of nothing but fake movie trailers. Well, most are fake as some did make their way or are making their way to that. But the movies in some ways feels like some high powered super anthology given the nature of the content. None the less, I’m going to give it the old college try in trying to explain what this release is and also do my best to give it justice. Let me ask you this, did you like the fake trailers in Grindhouse? Well, if you answered that with a “yes” then you will be getting all of that you want and more with all three Grindsploitation films hitting one Blu-ray release here from Troma. The movies are packed with all sorts of trailers in different styles from a who’s who of indie and super indie directors such as James Cullen Bressack, Donald Farmer, Todd Sheets, and many many more between all three entries into the series.

I think it’s really cool Troma put all three of these out on one release (between two discs). Some people in the world of horror love movies made up of nothing but trailers but trailer compilations can be seen as a bit lazy. Here you get the same enjoyment out of all that but you have a real creative side tossed into it. Most the trailers even look great on Blu-ray, but you do get some standard stuff here and there but there are soo many trailers I don’t think anyone will mind that too much. The only downside I can see to this release would be if you are someone that just doesn’t like trailer compilations. If that ain’t you, then you are going to LOVE these films and this Blu-ray release.


– Introduction by Lloyd Kaufman (Creator of The Toxic Avenger).
– Film Selection with Each Short Film within the ‘Trilogy’
– Original Film Trailers from Troma Entertainment’s Own Grindhouse Cinema
– Classic Troma Public Service Announcements, And More!

Quality of Transfer: 88%