Hell Walks the Earth (2008) (DVD Review)


Hell Walks the Earth (2008) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Terence Muncy
Starring: Emily Head, Larry Jones Jr., Shaun Jones Shotzie
Rated: UR/Region: 1/1:33/Number of disc: 1 (DVD-r)
Available from SLEAZE BOX


In the small town of Darksyde, Mike Torrance is suffering… His fiance, Crystal Williams has recently died in an automobile accident… Just as he begins to believe that he can take the pain no more, he uncovers a family heirloom that will change this town forever…. Unlocking the secrets of his family’s past.


Hell Walks the Earth seems to be a hard movie to track down info on. A search on IMDB will turn up the sequel, but no information on the original film. This apparent shot on video horror film does have a trailer on YouTube that is in color, which might not seem odd until you see that the movie is actually in black and white on the disc. Regardless, it only helps in some odd way to make it stand out a bt more from the shot on video pack and it also only helps to make the movie seem like even more of a tribute to Night of the Living Dead, a movie you can clearly see was the major inspiration for the film. It might seem a bit odd to say, but I think going with the black and white look is better for the film, as it adds a bit more of an eerie vibe to the film and the movie does need that to even out the parts of the movie that might not work as well as it they probably had hoped that it would. You basically are fighting an uphill battle just by being a shot on video horror anyway, but this one makes due and at least remains entertaining.



The movie has some faults that you can’t always look away from. I’m not sure any night-time filming was a good idea, nor do I think some of the effects and stuff work out as well as they could have. The story isn’t bad and that might be the best thing about it besides obvious nods to other horror films that you will pick up on as you watch. A lot of films like this are hit and miss, or just mixed bags at best. I did like the overall mood this one has, but it really is a bit of a hit and miss movie overall. I do happen to like SOV movies with all that DIY flavor to go along with it, so I could tolerate it alright. Some of you who are not fans of things like that might not make it very far at all into this one. So, if you like stuff that has the spirit of Night of the Living Dead, even if it lacks the quality, then feel free to give this one a shot. If cheaper made and looking films isn’t your thing, then you might want to avoid.



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