Hillbilly Bloodbath (2011) (DVD Review)

Hillbilly Bloodbath (2011) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Jacob Ennis
Starring: Megan Marie Wilson, Ronica Jones, Dustin Roe, Levi Brandenburg
Rated: UR/Region: 1/1:33/Number of discs: 1
Available from Camp Motion Pictureses

Set in a small town in the backwoods of Kentucky (and I think I saw a few Sun Drop bottles!), RED RIVER aka HILLBILLY BLOODBATH tells the tale of Roland Thatcher: a family man, a businessman, a man of God…and a man who doesn’t take kindly to strangers. When a group of city kids sets up camp on the outskirts of his property, they spark a chain of events culminating in bloodshed, dismemberment, and mass murder. As a local, fledgling reporter inches closer to the Thatcher property, the shocking truth about Roland and his ‘family’ may finally emerge…

Originally released by Alternative Cinema as Red River, Hillybilly Bloodbath is a re-issue of the same disc under a different name. It’s here under a different sub-label this time, but everything appears to be the same otherwise. A movie like this might just be a movie that you have to be in a certain mood, or perhaps state to enjoy. Coming from a guy who made a stoner based film shows what type of crowd the director is probably aiming for. And I’m just not in that target audience. If you are, however, then something like this might be right down your ally. It’s got gore as well, which is something I like but for some reason or another, it just didn’t connect with me. And I also felt that the likable people in the film, unfortunately, aren’t the leads and aren’t around long enough. That could also be another reason why no connection was strongly made with me and the movie.

The movie does do a fine job of trying to create a killer that could be memorable. Jason had his mask, Freddy had his glove, and the dude here isn’t just a religious nut, he also has to talk with one of those voice box things that has a name that I just can’t remember at the moment. So to hear him preaching and cursing at the people in the movie is very amusing and kinda creepy/weird all rolled into one. That is probably the most memorable thing that takes place in this movie, so if nothing else I think you’ll like that and like a lot of the gore. However, some things in the movie just comes across a little too rehashed, gimmicky, and done before. I think for those reasons mentioned above is why this film seems to somewhat fall short of what it would want to be going for. But like I also said, there is gore and there isn’t that long of a running time. So it’s to the point, I just wish it had a little bit more of a point. But I will give kudos for having a memorable killer, even if his side-kick (if you want to call it that) has been done to death a lot as of late. However, the film does have nudity..that never gets old right? RIGHT!?


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