I Love It From Behind (1981) (DVD Review)

I Love It From Behind (1981) (DVD Review)
Director:  Kôyû Ohara
Where to get it: Synapse Films/Impulse Pictures

A young girl named Mimei is working hard to get as many “penis prints” as possible.  She’s been collecting these works of art since high school, and her goal is to get 100 prints before her arranged marriage within the next month.  Seeking help from her lesbian friends Masumi and Rei, she begins chasing various men around Japan.  Mimei finally gets her last man and is met with a challenge!  He’ll allow her to make a print of his penis only if she can make him achieve ultimate ecstasy.  She accepts, but finds out getting what she needs is a lot harder than she imagined!  I LOVE IT FROM BEHIND! is jaw-dropping (and, dare we say, pants-dropping) naughty fun!

Penis! Penis! Penis! It would appear that penis is the theme of this one as we follow a girl who likes to get penis prints of the men she sleeps with and her wacky and also as sexually active friends. It leads to some comedic and erotic situations that are harmless but a little repetitive in their execution. But it is hard to hold a grudge against a movie that shows up two people having a very long and exaggerated sex marathon. But I do give props to the movie for having a rather interesting plot, even if the film as a whole does seem to lack in a way or two.

And even if it does seem to be a bit of a throw away joke, things do end on a somewhat funny twist. That just goes to show that even in the sexual driven world of the Nikkatsu porno collection we still have room for a twist or two. And as I’ve noted before, these movies are more erotic than porn and this one is a prime example. I’d probably compare it to a late night premium channel sex movie than anything that resembles actual porn. It is a fun film for what it is, but nothing more than just erotic comedy.



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