I Spill Your Guts (2012) (DVD Review)

I Spill Your Guts (2012)
Director:  James Balsamo
Where to get it: MVD

This patriotic, retro-horror revenge flick runs red, white and blue with buckets of blood! When two friends are ambushed on the front lines of war, Joe takes all the credit as a hero while Dennis, the true hero, is disabled for life. When they return home to New York City, Dennis makes sure the horrors of war continue on the streets of the city as everyone in Joe’s life is made to pay for his lie…with their lives! Features a punk / metal soundtrack from Suffocation, Cannibas Corpse, The Meatmen, Calabrese, GHOUL and In Strict Confidence. And featuring an all-star independent film cast.

This is a movie that if covers made a movie would have been awesome! Only we can’t base movies or anything else on their covers and it is the content that counts. To be straight up with you about it, I didn’t really care for this film at all. It has good music that is way too loud when compared to the other audio but that does seem to be the best it has to offer. I also hate the fact that the film makes us go through a list of Webster words and their meanings before things even get started. So the film does a fine job of annoying you right out of the gate.

Besides that we have a long list of somewhat known people such as Lloyd Kaufman, Balls Mahoney, Andrew WK and some others but all are only here for a short period of time and the core cast are not the best actors you have ever seen in film to say the least. We also have some very bad fight scenes and some plot holes that are so big you could drive a semi right through them. This means that the best thing we get out of this film besides the cover art is the gore and even that gets a little limited at different times.



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