Isle of the Snake People (1971)

Isle of the Snake People (1971)
Director: Juan Ibanez
Where to get it: Cheezy Flicks

A small remote island is the home for voodoo rites, death cults and an evil priest named Damballah. Local law officials turn a blind eye to their evil ways until Captain Labesch arrives from the mainland. Determined to crack down on the island’s lawlessness and clean up the ineffectual, hard-drinking police force, Labeasch appeals to plantation tycoon Carl Van Molder for assistance. Van Molder owns nearly half the island and has spent his life studying parapsychology and secret powers of the mind. Meanwhile, beautiful native girls are being transformed into zombies! A sinister snake dancer named Kalea impels them to attack and devour anyone who gets too close to their unholy rituals. AKA: “Cult of the Dead,” “Isla de Los Muertos,” “Isle of the Living Dead and Snake People.”

Well here’s an oldie that features Boris Karloff playing a couple characters. I admit that I’m pretty hit and miss the later 60s and early 70s of horror. And this one wasn’t the most exciting horror film I have ever seen. But at the same time we have a legend on the screen doing what he does best and we have a whole lot of snakes. Snakes being the one thing on this planet I hate and at the same time fear more than anything else. So anytime a snake was on the screen was a pretty creepy time for me none the less and I will give credit to the film for that even if it lacks on a few other areas.

I mean we get belly dancers dancing with snakes. We get creepy characters and we get some female leads that are rather easy on the eyes. These things do help to balance out the slower parts of the film and the film is a victim of starting out just a bit on the too slow for its own good side. But when dealing with a film released by Cheezy Flicks, you at least know that you will be getting what you get at a very nice price. So if you try it and it’s not your thing, you won’t be spending much money on it. And on the bright side of that, if you do dig it you will be getting it at a price you can’t beat. It might make you forget about the weird and terrible sudden ending this film packs.