Kill That Bitch (2014) (DVD Review)


Kill That Bitch (2014) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Dustin Mills
Starring: Bloodcountess Bathory, Jessica Cook, Josh Eal
Rated: UR/Region: 1/1:78/Number of disc: 1 (DVD-r)
Available from TLAvideo


A methodical killer is systematically slaughtering a group of women who are connected and bound by the same dark secret. Kill That Bitch is a dark vision of death, beauty, and bloodlust from Director Dustin Mills.


I wasn’t sure what I was getting with Kill That Bitch at first. Things looked to be diving headfirst into the torture porn department at the start of the film, but by the time things wrapped up, this one had changed course and maybe even blew my mind a time or two. We see a group of women, not afraid to be naked on camera, being stalked by a man in a very Clockwork Orange inspired outfit. They are aware of this and try to plan their next move, but those plans never really come into play because he keeps getting the drop on them and knocking people off. The movie sets up a bait and switch on us more than once, because when you think you have everything all figured out, something then happens to change the whole landscape of the film in the eyes of viewer. On a story side of things, this might just be the best story Dustin Mills has ever told on camera. After seeing it, it makes you want to go back and re-watch again, just to see if anything might have been there to give the tip of the hand that you might have just missed. Which if you do want to give it another spin after the first viewing the movie isn’t that long, so re-watching won’t take up too much of your time. A lot of Mills’ films are short and to the point, which is more time than not a good thing. There really isn’t any room for dragging when that is the case.



There are some very neat gore effects here as well. Fingers are cut off, faces get cut-up, and bashed-in. If you are looking for gore to go along with your T and A, you probably get as much of one as you do the other with this one. I like how the movie is told, as things don’t really get finished up until the end credits are already starting to roll. Is there still some questions you might have after seeing this? I’m sure there will be, but I think sometimes it works best to not give the entire story and just leave some things open to the viewer to fill in the blanks for themselves. That is what gets done here, but it works and the movie overall works really well. I don’t know if you could call it the best thing overall you’ve seen from Dustin Mills, but I think it is the strongest and most clever story overall. So, if you want to see something really clever and brutal in spots, Kill That Bitch, might just be something you will want to see.



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