$kumbagz (2015) (DVD Review)


$kumbagz (2015) (DVD Review)
Directed By: John Miller
Starring: Krystal Pixie Adams, Joe Makowski, David A. Jackson
Rated: UR/Region: 1/1:33/Number of disc: 1 (DVD-r)
Available from SLEAZE BOX


She was innocent, pure and unsuspecting. Now, Stephanie Milo (Krystal “Pixie” Adams) has been kidnapped and taken to a seedy hotel room by a junkie pimp (Joe Makowski). It is here that she discovers her destiny! Left for dead she must learn to survive the streets or face returning to a lifetime of service industry slavery.


$kumbagz is a movie that lives up to the name! We see a few scumbags in this one and the movie just gives you a dirty feeling where you don’t know if you should sit around or take a quick shower once it is over in order to try to get clean again. We get a little of the great Joel D. Wynkoop at the start of this one, but it is a short scene and I wish he could have hung around for more of it. From there we mostly spend our time with the lovely Krystal “Pixie” Adams as she ends up in one bad situation followed by another. From being pimped out, to using her womanly ways to her favor, to ending up in a room filled with gun shots, she just seems to have bad luck. The movie seems to have some padding of the mostly T and A variety, so while it might seem a bit low on story, it at least packs plenty of boobs, which I’m sure anyone buying a movie from a company called the Sleaze Box will be getting exactly what they are looking for as a result. You may have to ask yourself if they don’t actually end up with a little more in the sexual department than they bargained for.



I say that because there is one sex scene that gets really graphic. It is a lesbian scene and there is some stuff going on it the scenes that you’d expect from a porn flick. So, that doesn’t kill or make a movie for me overall, but I assumed some might want to know about it before jumping into it, just in case you don’t want to see something that hardcore. Outside of all of that, overall, I’d say the movie is solid in some ways, but it does flounder a bit from time to time and it might not do enough to keep you overall interested in everything going down on-screen. I’ll give Krystal “Pixie” Adams all the praise in the world for what she does in this movie in order to try to make it work and outside of our small dose of Wynkoop, she is clearly the best thing going on in this film. So, don’t expect to be blown away, but expect lots of nudity, some graphic for what this is sex scenes with women, and some nasty characters that you do want to see get what they have coming.



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