Last Shift (2014) (Blu-ray Review)


Last Shift (2014) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Anthony DiBlasi
Starring: Juliana Harkavy, Joshua Mikel, J. LaRose
Rated: R/Region A/2:35/1080p/Number of Discs 1
Available from Magnolia


From director Anthony DiBlasi comes a Manson inspired horror film centering around a transitioning police station. Officer Jessica Loren has been assigned to wait for a Hazmat team to pick up bio-hazardous waste from the station’s armory. But unbeknownst to Jessica, cult Leader John Michael Paymon has haunted the department ever since he and two of this followers committed suicide a year ago to date. And now, Jessica is about to find out how dangerous they can be when she’s left alone on this Last Shift.


Last Shift is a movie that starts out OKAY. We have our leading lady, Jessica (Juliana Harkavy), walk into the station and we slowly see a bunch of really creepy things start to happen in the station once she’s left alone with it. Now, I hope you make some sorta connection with Jessica and like seeing her, because more times than not that’s who we are with in the film. Sure, she is an alright character being played by a really good actor, but you kind of want something else there besides just creepy slow-paced action. Which is about what you get and only get forĀ a good chunk of the film. Finally things start to at least get more confusing later on and more characters are tossed around here and there on-screen, but this is one film that could have really used a good kick in the butt from time to time, because there is only so long you can ask someone watching to keep watching and try to care without much of note going down on the screen they are watching.



Basically, the movie is really dull. Now that doesn’t mean it isn’t well-shot and that is isn’t well-made, because it has those things going for it. The film looks the part, but never ads any sizzle to the steak here. Topping things off, this is a movie that makes you ask a lot of questions, but then it ends up giving you the most typical and easy out answer to those questions at the end. The Last Shift was a good idea, it had the acting chops behind it, but there wasn’t any laugh in the script. It ends up being as stiff as some of the bodies the movie eventually racks up. And even when people do start dropping it comes at too little too late with very predictable results. You might like what you see heading into Last Shift, but you will be wanting more time the time you are clocking out of it.



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Quality of Transfer: 87%


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