Malefic/Raising Hell: B-Movie Theatre Drive-In Double Feature (DVD Review)

Malefic/Raising Hell: B-Movie Theatre Drive-In Double Feature (DVD Review)
Rated: UR/Region O/1:33/Number of Discs 2
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Malefic (2003)
Directed By: Steve Sessions
Starring: Jeff Dylan Graham, Lilith Stabs, Cynder Moon

Four criminals attempt the unthinkable — ransoming the corpse of a dead child back to the family. But things take an even darker turn when they find an old spirit board at the cabin they are using for a hide-out.

This strange black and white shot on video flick probably gives us just as much T and A as it does horror elements. We see a couple head out to the woods and then we see them meet their demise. From there, we see a group of corpse robbers holding the body of a dead child for ransom only to find themselves in the horror mix next. You might not believe it, but the movie does offer up and interesting plot and some pretty good camera work from time to time. It even manages to garner up an eerie mood that helps a lot. The characters are not traditional by horror standards and I’m pretty torn on if that is a good thing or not. The interesting plot probably makes the movie as watchable as it turns out to be, but it might still lack in a lot of areas for some.


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Raising Hell (2003)
Directed By: Brandon Bethmann, Eric Szmyr
Starring: Michael F. Hayes, Mirinda James, Ashton Holmes

An incumbent governor, facing possible indictment for racketeering and steadily slipping numbers in the polls, sets upon ensuring the upcoming election. Using an object of religious might, the Keys of Solomon, he compels a demon to eliminate all those who oppose him. Now, in modern times, caught in his wake of bloodshed is Zack Alder, a press representative for the governor. He, with the help of officer Lynn Russell, races against time to learn the truth and ultimately stop the governor from achieving his political resolve.

Well, this is a shot on video flick that actually seems to either have some money behind it or they make really good use of the limited resources they did have. That being said, it is a shame they didn’t focus a little bit more on a plot and with having a better clear cut leading character, because this one sure does feel a little all over the place for a good part of the movie. Our monster and such look really good, but the rest of the movie is a bit of a mixed bag that tends to leads more towards the negative side of the tracks more times than not. I like seeing people do more with limited things when making a movie but in a case like this if you aren’t going to be an all our blood bath (and this one isn’t) then you should try to focus more on making the plot flow better.


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