Meet the Feebles (1989) (DVD Review)


Meet the Feebles (1989) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Peter Jackson
Starring: Danny Mulheron, Donna Akersten, Stuart Devenie
Rated: R/Region: O/1:33/Number of disc: 1
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MEET THE FEEBLES, a puppet tragedy of gross proportions, relates the fateful events that lead to the infamous Feebles Variety Massacre – a day that rocked the puppet world! Bletch, a cigar chomping walrus has his hands full with his cast of egocentric show-biz stars. When you’ve got an incompetent panic-stricken fox as a director, a junkie knife throwing frog, and a hare with a fatal disease as MC, things do not look sunny. But Bletch’s biggest problem is with his star and long time lover, Heidi the Hippo, who suspects that he is having an affair with a Siamese cat named Samantha. Directed by Peter Jackson.


Peter Jackson is known to by the world for his Lord of the Ring movies. He’s earned his popularity, but all of us weirdos who like horror will always remember him for such things as Bad Taste, Dead Alive, and this movie I’m reviewing here, Meet the Feebles. Feebles has a cast of puppets. It is sort of like an R-rated Mupphets and it is loaded with sharp humor and some rather nasty moments. Nasty in the gore and gross way, but there is some sex here as well if you are into seeing such things as big seals having sex with cats. Oh, did I mention that the seal is cheating on his hippo better half with this cat? We also have such things as a dirty rat that is about as dirty as a rat that walks and talks could be. A poop eating nosy fly, a rabbit that has a lot of sex, because that is what rabbits do, and a whole host of other characters that make watching this thing pretty darn funny from start to finish, even if it takes just a moment to settle in to what you are in for when you turn this darn thing on. If you’ve seen any of the splatter films of Jackson then you know what you are getting yourself into. This one might not be as splattery, but it is crude and often hilarious.



As we “Meet the Feebles”, we see that the plot has a lot going on. It is like a TV show where every character seems to have their own sub-plot going on. A porcupine is trying to find love, a frog is trying to find his next fix, an elephant is apparently the father of a kid he is going to try to deny, and lots more all here packed into this little weird and twisted film. Movies like this don’t come along very often and thank God for that, because we are able to appreciate them more when they do. I don’t mind the puppets at all and I guess being a bit immature at my age is why I love something like this a little more now. It is stuff you see all the time on TV and in other movies, but when you see it coming from a puppet it makes it that much more funny. This movie came to the world in 1989 and I don’t know how it was received then, but had I saw this back then at the age of six, I can imagine me wearing the tape out. If you got a twisted sense of humor, then by all means join in on the Meet the Feeblses party. I loved it and I think a lot of you who read this site often will as well.



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