Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead (2011) (Blu-ray Review)


Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead (2011) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Douglas Shultz
Starring:  Sid Haig, Courtney Gains
Rated: R/Region: A/2×35/Number of disc: 1
Available from Anchor Bay


A group of horror fans find themselves unwilling participants in a nightmarish role playing game that pays homage to a classic horror film.

It pains me that I didn’t seem to enjoy this film more so than I did. I think the major issue is the fact that it is a great idea that just doesn’t seem to be executed as well as it could have been. Also, let us take into account that if you didn’t know what the big plot twist was going in that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or much time at all to add it all together. There is also the fact that while different in its own right, the film is still another version of Night of the Living Dead at heart. We could fill in a whole month of reviews on this site alone with different take and concept involving the Romero classic and I think I wouldn’t be out of line to say that it is a bit overdone overall.

The actors here don’t do anything bad. They also don’t do anything to really stand out. While based off Night of the Living Dead and having a plot that involves things going down somewhat like they did in the film, this movie does change things up a bit to make us second guess how the situation in this movie will actually work out. That fact alone is something we can give props to. So it has that and it has a clever plot. It just doesn’t really deliver in the end and could have done a few things better like the gore, the zombies, and the overall way things in the film happen. Honestly, I don’t think the film even needed the first part of the film before they wake up at the house or the Sid Haig stuff at all for that matter.


– None