Mohawk (2017) (Blu-ray Review)

Mohawk (2017) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Ted Geoghegan
Starring: Kaniehtiio Horn, Ezra Buzzington, Eamon Farren
Rated: UR/Region A/2:40/1080p/Number of Discs 1
Available from Dark Sky Films

After a member of her tribe sets fire to an American soldiers’ camp during the War of 1812, a young female Mohawk finds herself pursued by a ruthless band of renegades bent on revenge. Fleeing into the deep woods, Mohawk youths Oak (Kaniehtiio Horn, Hemlock Grove) and Calvin (Justin Rain, Fear the Walking Dead), along with their British companion Joshua (Eamon Farren, Twin Peaks: The Return), confront the true horrors of war and the terror of the darkest night as they’re hunted by the bloodthirsty Colonel Holt (Ezra Buzzington, The Hills Have Eyes) and his small army of soldiers.

Mohawk is an interesting film that does a few things right and really well, but at the same time does manage to do a few things that I would call a bit questionable. The movie offers a few shades of gray for the characters. This is a movie taking place in the revolution and the Indians (Mohawks here as they are called) are caught between it. You’ll find sympathetic people on both sides of that here even if you don’t always agree with what they are doing. The basics of it all come down to this, a British man named Joshua is trying to convince the Mohawks that they need to side with the Brits. He’s also got a thing going with one of the natives named Oak. A member of the group acts too quickly causing some Americans to tracks them and then stuff happens and we have a good deal of violence and get a revenge story in the mix. I like the effects and gore side of things, but I do admit I have a bit of trouble buying Kaniehtiio Horn in the role of Oak. She doesn’t really come across as an Indian to me here. Unless I’m missing something, that did seem to stand out badly to me.

I was, however, VERY impressed with WWE Wrestler Luke Harper who is billed here under his real name, Jonathan Huber. He’s on the American side of things here and is one of those characters you’ll feel sorry for even if we see him doing things he probably shouldn’t have done from time to time. I knew the guy was a very good wrestler, but he’s an equally as good actor. The rest of the cast is pretty solid and like I said before, we have some nice bloody moments here in this one. We have a lot of genres being mixed together to make-up Mohawk and while the movie is very watchable there are some confusing parts that might not mix in as well as other parts of it. I’m a little in the middle of the road on it, but it does pack enough to make me lean towards the thumbs up side of things, but with a little bit of caution on doing so.


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Quality of Transfer: 98%