Moonshine Meat Market Mayhem (2016) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Moonshine Meat Market Mayhem (2016) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)
DIRECTED BY: Chaz Buchanan
STARRING: Cory Werthen, James D. Pruit, Michael W. Green

After the third world war, the Earth was plunged into chaos. The resources were depleted and the water was undrinkable. In this bleak future, only the diabolical survive. There are moonshiners, the undead, and cannibals, in this world. There is not much to live for and death is only the beginning. Prepare yourself for the B-Movie action thriller for the modern-day connoisseur, prepare yourself for… MOONSHINE MEAT MARKET MAYHEM!

There’s a lot of very Troma things in this movie called, Moonshine Meat Market Mayhem. We have a movie that looks like it was shot with two different cameras, but it packs lots of nudity, violence, and zombies that seem to come alive based off the moonshine they are drinking. All in all, it is much more along the lines of all the cool Troma movies you might recall from the past but does manage to fall just short of being what I’d consider to be a new Troma classic. You’ll enjoy a great deal of what you get here, but you will also find yourself just a bit bored from time to time when the movie tries to actually develop a character too much or it just seems to be padding things out.

It has a very punk rock feel to it at times, but then at other times it also feels like a very backwoods film. All these things come together and the results aren’t too bad. Moonshine Meat Market Mayhem isn’t just a film with a good name, it packs a punch on the blood side of things and if you are like me you’ll be very happy to see that. Again, we have another Troma Blu-ray that doesn’t always look the best as you’d have hoped it would, but it isn’t as jarringly bad as Slimed was on the format and actually seems to be okay half the time. If you are a fan of Troma you’ll like what you get here and that will probably be good enough for most, even if some characters are a bit hit and miss and we do have some bad CGI here and there.


– An Introduction by Lloyd Kaufman, creator of THE TOXIC AVENGER.
– Head-Crushing tutorial by Troma.
– New and vintage Coming Distractions.