Mother Krampus (2017) (DVD REVIEW)

Mother Krampus (2017) (DVD REVIEW)
DIRECTED BY: James Klass
STARRING: Claire-Maria Fox, Faye Goodwin, Tony Manders

Based on the German Urban Legend of Frau Perchta, the Christmas Witch, who takes a child each night over the 12 days of Christmas.

Behold! We have a Christmas horror film called Mother Krampus that seems to very loosely have anything at all to do with Krampus! As a matter of fact, it seems we just have a creepy old lady running around and killing people very slowly. In between all of that we have some older folks argue on if it is indeed going on or not and then we dive into some history as to why this lady “Krampus” (never called that I don’t think) is killing everybody at a very lackluster pace. Did I mention we also have some family drama going on with the particular family the movie spends most its time with? Yeah, we sure have a lot going on in this one and maybe too much and not enough all at the same time if that makes sense. The pace of the movie is the biggest issue this one has.

Having been called 12 Deaths of Christmas before being retitled the very trendy Mother Krampus, this movie almost at times seems like its trying to play off of The Witch perhaps a bit more than any other Christmas horror movie or slasher you could think of. I don’t know why, but I just feel this one is trying to bring the same tone. It feels noticeable but the movie never does get anywhere near that level. Even with some blood here and there, this one makes the biggest sin of being a bit too dull for its own good for the most part of its running time.


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