Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume II (DVD Review)


Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume II (DVD Review)
Directed By: Kevin Murphy
Starring: Joel Hodgson, Michael J. Nelson
Rated: UR/Region: 1/1:33/Number of disc: 4
Available from Shout! Factory

It’s Mystery Science Theater 3000, America’s only show that makes fun of really bad B-movies from the comfort of a spaceship floating above Earth. Take that, third party sellers! Volume 2 is back in print and better than ever with new extras! The films you get here are: Cave Dwellers, Pod People, Angels Revenge and Shorts Vol. 1!

Shout! Has put the second volume of MST3K back in print and they have done so with a much more easy to stock standard DVD case with the four discs packed inside. The movies we get this around kick off with Cave Dwellers from 1982. Originally titled The Master and airing as episode #301, some call this the worst sword and sorcery movie ever made! Which makes it custom made for a show like this. Here, Muscle-bound Ator and his mute Asian sidekick travel from the ends of the Earth to save his aged mentor from the evil mustachioed Zor. Next up from episode #303, we have Pod People! This movie from 1983, a little boy who has an extensive array of pets he likes to call “specimens” finds an alien egg to hatch, somewhat like Horton. The creature manages to use his snout to suck up peanuts and warp time and space with his fingers. Unfortunately, his brother who is found by poachers goes on a killing spree. The movie was also known as Extra Terrestrial Visitors! The last of the full-length movies we get here is a movie from episode #622 called Angels Revenge! This 1979 movie was also known as Angel’s Brigade in some circles. Here, six sexy women and a teenage girl devastate a right-wing militia before doing battle with ruthless drug pushers.

Finally rounding this one out we have “Shorts Volume 1”. This turns out to be a bit of a make-shift anthology of sorts featuring “The Home Economics Story,” “Junior Rodeo Daredevils,” “Body Care & Grooming,” “Cheating,” “A Date With Your Family,” “Why Study Industrial Arts?” and “The Chicken of Tomorrow,”. Some may or may not dig these as much since with shorter films to poke fun at you usually get right to the point and you get more, but some I’ve talked to just seem to sorta dig the full-length films the best when they are used in a format such as Mystery Science Theater. As you can probably guess, Shout! once again gives this series the A material as it comes to you in the original 1:33 format, which was made for TV. It also looks as good as they can possibly make it look, so if you were a fan of Shouts! re-releases and releases of this show before, then you’ll also be very happy and content with this.


– MST Hour Wraps For Cave Dwellers And Pod People