Night of the Tentacles (2013) (DVD Review)



Night of the Tentacles (2013) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Dustin Mills
Starring: Brandon Salkil, Nicole Gerity, Jackie McKown
Rated: UR/Region: 0/16×9/90 minutes/Number of dics: 1
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In this obscene Faustian tale a young artist sells his soul to Satan for the new heart he so desperately needs. The only catch is that the heart is a tentacled monstrosity with a hunger for human flesh! Will Dave get the girl of his dreams? Will he run out of neighbors to feed to his infernal heart? Will Delilah ever finish urinating? Find out in NIGHT OF THE TENTACLES!!!


I do think it is safe to say that if the great Frank Henenlotter saw this movie he would approve. And I’m not just saying that because it pays clear tribute to his classic films Basket Case and Brain Damage, but I say it because all tribute aside, it is a movie in that same vein and cut of the same cloth, which is a very good thing. In this throwback to the classic horror films of yesteryear, the devil coms to visit a lonely loser named, Dave, after he has a heart attack following a masturbation session. Keep in mind that this is a session that comes at the same time every day when the female interest of Dave, Ester, masturbates herself. Pretty soon the devil arrives with more than just bad dub step music; he has a deal ready for Dave. What comes next in this one is really a whole lot of fun.

This movie packs a cool concept and some interesting gore. The gore comes in the form of not just the time old and awful CGI format, but that newer kind that mixes legit effects together. As strong as it may look, it works. And this is a film that while not great work as well. This is the type of wacky horror film I could envision myself renting on VHS as a kid and really enjoying. We have gore, boobs, and material that seem to know exactly who its audience is based on a number of reasons. There are plenty of horror films out there with more money and more press behind them, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a horror film that is as much fun and shows as much heart as this one. Night of the Tentacles is by no means a perfect film, but that is because it simple doesn’t have to be to accomplish what it sets out to accomplish.


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