No Clowning Around (2012) (Short Film Review)

No Clowning Around (2012) (Short Film Review)
Director:  Rob Dimension and Matthew Burd
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No Clowning Around is a Horror short film based on one man’s fall from grace. Ed, who once was beloved by his hometown as Mumbles the Clown, is now a party clown who battles depression and addiction. His last shed of light in his life is Trixie, who has struggles of her own. Being pushed from all sides, who and what will stop the endless spiral of sadness?

After viewing No Clowning Around I was reminded the fact that some of the better genre films to come out these days aren’t done in bug budget studios or with tie wearing backers. The best and most heartfelt films that come out these days are done by the fans. Rob Dimension and company care about what they made and they cared about what they were making as you watch this film. That is one clear message we get as we watch this short film. We know once upon a time Mumbles the Clown was THE clown. We soon learn slowly but surely what his life has become and we somewhat see how it got that way. Rob’s performance makes you care about Mumbles and that is one of the main details a lot of other films forget to do, make you care. When you watch No Clowning Around you’ll care about this clown that talks to a puppet.

I admit when I learned that pro wrestler Steve Corino was going to be in this I was excited. I was excited just because it was Steve f’n Corino. I admit that I figured he would be entertaining but just be Steve Corino playing a role as Steve Corino. But the role of Lenny isn’t just The King of Old School Steve Corino maxed out. Lenny is Lenny and that means he’s one nasty and sleazy character that when mixed with the elements the film presents and Mumbles the Clown make for an interesting and hostel situation. I’ll be honest here; I wish this were a full length film. Maybe somewhere down the road that will happen. But for now this is a short film you guys NEED to check out. It’s like Taxi Driver and Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer all wrapped up with nice coat of clown paint.