Nurse Sherri (1977) (Blu-ray/DVD Review)

Nurse Sherri (1977) (Blu-ray/DVD Review)
Directed By: Al Adamson
Starring: Jill Jacobson, Geoffrey Land, Marilyn Joi
Rated: UR/Region: O/1:85/1080p/Number of disc: 2
Available from Vinegar Syndrome

Meet Sherri…for an evening of pleasure and terror! Young and beautiful nurse Sherri (Jill Jacobson) has been possessed by a crazed preacher who died of a heart attack. Under his demonic control, he uses Sherri to enact revenge against those who he believes were responsible for his death. As Sherri begins to carry out his bloody bidding, two fellow nurses realize that the only way to stop her may be to exorcise the forces of evil out of her in a ghastly and dangerous ritual!

We got some weird stuff going down at this hospital with Nurse Sherri! When this one opens we see the work of a strange cult out in the desert trying to bring someone back to life. From there, we shoot to the hospital where out cult leader and preacher is in his last moments on the table. Stuff happens and before we know it an odd green glow is crawling through the door and taking over the body of the lovely local nurse, Sherri! All in all, you could call the movie a bit silly but it is still the fun kind of silly that makes for an entertaining watch regardless of how odd things get in the screen. I think it is cool seeing the possessed Sherri make her way through a list of people the good preacher was holding responsible for what happened to him. We get blood and we get a very unique vibe to the film from start to finish that makes it a movie that one could really enjoy if you pop it in and give it a spin late at night. It is a midnight movie and it certainly lives up to the title.

I also enjoy the last act of the film as we watch fellow nurses of Sherri venture out in order to stop the evil that is taking over their friend and causing her to do what she is doing. It boils down to a proper setting and convlusion to a film that is probably way more enjoyable than it has any right to be. The film looks good in HD from Vingear Syndrome. We get a card at the start explaining why some of the movie looks a bit more grainy than other parts of the film. Regardless of if it’s the original 35mm or the blown up 16 to 35 shots, it still looks nice and detail and color are pretty strong even when slihtly of less quality. We also get an alternative version of the DVD disc, as well as some cool extras that you will find listed below. All in all, it is a solid movie and a solid release from the cool folks over at Vinegar Syndrome.


– Region free Blu-ray/DVD combo pack
– Newly scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm original negative
– Commentary track with Producer Sam Sherman
– “Nurses’ Confessions” – featurette with co-stars Jill Jacobson and Marliyn Joi
– Alternate feature length ‘exploitation’ version (dvd only)
– “Then and Now” – locations featurette
– Promotional still gallery
– Original trailers
– Reversible cover artwork
– English SDH Subtitles

Quality of Transfer: 88%