Ouija 3: The Charlie Charlie Challenge (2016) (DVD Review)

Ouija 3: The Charlie Charlie Challenge (2016) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Derek Presley
Starring: Todd Jenkins, Bryan Massey, Gwendolynn Murphy
Rated: UR/Region: 1/Widescreen/Number of disc: 1
Available From VIVA Pictures

An eccentric haunted house owner invites a group of hapless teens to play the terrifying game known as Charlie Charlie, overnight in the many attractions his house has to offer. While the game is meant to be a mere spectacle of spooky fun, it soon turns into a true nightmare leaving the teenagers, and the owner, battling for their lives.

Well, here we have a movie called Ouija 3: The Charlie Charlie Challenge and I’m not sure what Ouija this is supposed to be the 3rd entry into. Is this the third entry into the Ouija Experiment series? This is the same company. Was this a straight up play on the real Ouija series? It did come out at the same time as the legit Ouija 2. None the less the movie was originally just called Charlie Charlie and was based on the pencil game called The Charlie Charlie challenge which was another title for this one. None the less, after we open up with some hot women falling victim to the game we see some down on their luck haunt folks who decide to make a tour our of the game after seeing the news story. This means we then have a cast of characters who pay $20 bucks to basically play a game they could play for free at home. Regardless of common sense, they play the game, Charlie is summoned and everyone is picked off in a low-rent fun house.

A movie like this is probably a result of a good idea with some lackluster results. I don’t blame anyone for trying to make a movie based on the Charlie Charlie stuff, but adding in the Ouija 3 title is nothing but old school false horror advertising that I’m sure the Italians in the 80’s would be proud of. The movie doesn’t really have interesting characters and we have a defacto lead that looks might be the only real reason to get behind her. The movie has far more humorous moments than it does horror moments and the highlight of this one might be the times they make light of Charlie Charlie’s Mexican heritage. I’m sure a lot of folks checked this one out. I’m willing to bet something this is the legit Ouija 3 for some reason. But outside all of that stuff I’ve mentioned we really just get another straight to disc movie that doesn’t bring that much to the table, not even an Ouija board.


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