Rockin' Road Trip (1985) (DVD Review)


Rockin’ Road Trip (1985) (DVD Review)
Directed By: William Olsen
Starring: Garth McLean, Margaret Currie, Katherine Harrison
Rated: R/Region: 0/1:33/Number of disc: 1
Available from VCI Entertainment


Insecure Martin Bigggs meets sexy Samantha Miller, the sister of Nicole who is the leader of a band called “Cherry Suicide.” While Martin and Samantha are beginning a relationship, Nicole is trying to get away from her ex-boyfriend, Ivan, an insane rock musician. Cherry Suicide heads to Florida in a taxi with Martin and a blind street philosopher named Wally. The van breaks down in Virginia where they encounter Lenny, a waste disposal truck driver, jewel thieves, a trigger happy motel owner, and wild groupies. To get more cash, Cherry Suicide crashes a Christian fair and gives a concert, while Ivan is hot on Nicole’s trail to seek revenge. Packed with wall-to-wall alternative music, and toe dazzling live concerts, Rockin’ Road Trip is an adventure not to be missed.


This a movie that doesn’t just have some women with a very 80s style going on, it is also somewhat awkward and weird. Now, in some cases that could be a bad thing, yet here in this setting it seems to somewhat fit nicely into the environment. There is a whole lot of different things going here, still the movie finds a way to mix it all up and a fairly entertaining way from start to finish. Coming from deep in the heart of the 80s we really shouldn’t expect anything more than we get.

Where else than in 1985 could a movie come out where men openly punch the women and it doesn’t get a second thought? And, making it even odder, the women seem to be very forgiving after it happens. That would be a nightmare today, but it is just another day at the office here. We also have a great deal of rock n roll dumped in the center of this and that is never a bad thing.


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