Run Chrissie Run! (1984) (Umbrella Entertainment DVD Review)

Run Chrissie Run! (1984) (Umbrella Entertainment DVD Review)
Directed By: Chris Langman
Starring: Carmen Duncan, Michael Aitkens, Shane Briant
Rated: M/Region: O/1:33/Number of disc: 1
Available From Umbrella Entertainment

Run Chrissie Run is a thrilling game of cat and mouse. Chrissie (Annie Jones) and her mother Eve (Carmen Duncan) suddenly become the pray of a group of international terrorists. As they run for their lives, Chrissie learns the terrible secrets of her mother’s past and the shocking identity of her real father.

I had a lot of fun with this movie because you never can really tell what is going to happen next. It kind of reminds you of a film that someone like Tarantino would really love and it also has that Australian flavor that you find in all cool exploitation films from there, like Mad Max or Wake in Fright. The story starts off with a hitman that just can’t pull the trigger on a hit and instead kills the member of a very important crime family. From there he’s trying to get together with his target (Our Chrissie) while she takes her kid and goes on the run with the loot that started it all. Along the way, more hitmen come into play and even a gnarly punk gang as well. The movie really screams 80’s, but that isn’t at all a bad thing and the story also stays very strong from start to finish.

The movie might be just a little slow in spots but it balances it out with the characters and the plot. I think both Annie Jones in the role of Chrissie and Michael Aitkens as Riley really help make this one what it ends up being. I’m happy to report that Run Chrissie Run keeps the streak alive of Ozploitation flicks I’ve recently seen and enjoyed. It’s a little of this and little of that all rolled into one, but it manages to make a final product that is enjoyable to watch. The movie doesn’t pack much in the way of extras but it does come region free so anyone wanting to see this tale of several hitmen, a punk gang, and Chrissie (with daughter) should find themselves having a good time checking this one out.


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