Sadako v Kayako (2016) (Movie Review)

Sadako v Kayako (2016) (Movie Review)
Directed By: Kôji Shiraishi
Starring: Mizuki Yamamoto, Tina Tamashiro, Aimi Satsukawa
Rated: UR/Widescreen
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After watching a cursed videotape, Natsumi has only two days before she will be killed by demonic entity Sadako. Her only hope is to pit Sadako against Kayako, a menacing spirit that inhabits a haunted house.

Well, Sadako Vs. Kayako is exclusive to Shudder today and I got a chance to check this one out. This would probably be equal for Japanese horror fans to what Jason vs Freddy meant to American horror fans. I’m afraid to say that the results might not be any better overall. The movie runs for about an hour and thirty-something odd minutes, but only about the last ten of those minutes are spent on any real battle between Sadako and Kayako. Those last ten or so minutes are the best minutes the movie has to offer and I really wish more of the film was like that, but it isn’t and the movie sort of frustrates the viewer waiting on it. This whole crossover comes to be when someone called in to help some characters that watched the cursed tape decides to share the tape with someone who is cursed by Kayako. Up until that point, the plot runs parallel with us following the two characters as the foolishly watch the tape and then try to find a cure for it and then with one girl who is drawn to the house with Kayako in it. It’s basic stuff at this point with each plot line running per usual to what these movies usually are in solo form, only we’re seeing both at once until they do FINALLY cross over.

When you put a “VS” in the title you want a fight. Or at least I wanted one for a lot longer than the mere ten minutes we get one. Freddy vs Jason was a disappointment but at least we had more of a battle, even if the battle was awful. Cool things happen in the film from time to time, the fight between Sadako and Kayako is good but very short and some might feel a bit cheated. I’ve seen lots of Ringu movies and I’ve seen a lot of Grudge movies and I wanted more than just another sequel to them both done at once like the majority of this film is. I also wasn’t a big fan of the CGI in some spots, even if it isn’t that bad in others all things considered. Japanese horror fans might be more forgiving to the way this movie is set up because they are for the most part more patient movie watchers. American fans will probably come into this one for the fact it is a crossover and be expecting a bit more action out of that part of it than we get. You can be the judge of if this one lives up to the hype or not by checking it out today on Shutter. Overall, I think it had some cool moments here and there, but I did come into it expecting a lot more Sadako Vs. Kayako in a movie titled Sadako Vs. Kayako.