Sadistic Eroticism (2012) (DVD Review)


Sadistic Eroticism (2012) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Alex Powers
Starring: Sophie Dee, T.J. Akins, Michael Q. Schmidt
Rated: UR/Region: O/1:33/Number of disc: 1
Available From Wild Eye Releasing


A sick, steamy, raunchy gore-fest in the tradition of 1980s straight to video horror! A three hundred year old Hungarian succubus disguised as a high school teacher seduces her most popular students, only to possess them to then kidnap more students so she can feast on their blood. The only ones who can stop her are three social outcasts, and the school’s psychotic janitor.


If Sadistic Eroticism wasn’t legit shot on video, then it does a darn fine job of at least looking like it was. Now, I won’t say this is a good movie. I mean for all intents and purposes it isn’t. It is badly shot, badly acted, and it has a plot that was probably written in crayon, but yet you will want to finish it regardless (even if the running time makes that about as hard as getting smoke through a keyhole). Could it be because one of the main plot points seems to be about our school nerds (so to speak) are lovers of Troma? Could it be because that is just their way of trying to explain the humor of the film in a very meta way? Or maybe it could be because after a bit of a slow start the movie does have porn star, Sophie Dee, in a very important role for the rest of the movie? She doesn’t show up a moment too soon and she has two very big reasons to keep your eyes glued to the TV once she arrives. While I’m not sure we can say the plot of the movie does a darn thing to improve this one overall, you at least get Dee topless, a lot. And she’s in some so bad they are funny sex scenes. Probably won’t provoke much arousal, but those scenes are at least good for a laugh or two.

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Look, this isn’t going to be something everyone will enjoy. If you love shot on video movies or you just like stuff so bad it could be considered entertaining, then this will be for you. We see a lot of weird and wacky characters, that are right out of a Troma movie (I’m sure that was the intended feeling), we even have indie director James Cullen Bressack running around in a rebel flag shirt and a hat with a pot leaf on it playing one of the bullies in the film. He not only acts, but helped produce this thing, making me sure that everything bad here was probably at least mostly intended to be that way. You get a lot of things that are pretty hard to follow, or hard to see given the light of some scenes. But you do get nudity and there is blood, even if the effects won’t be setting the world on fire. It overall is watchable, but very much a tribute to shot on video horror, of the Humanoids from Atlantis variety, so be prepared for some slow moments as well. Which, by the way, that has a lot to do with the movie being about two and a half hours long…Really? We couldn’t edit some of this out???



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