Senseless (2008)

Senseless (2008)
Director: Simon Hynd
Where to get it: Well Go USA

Based on Stona Fitch’s novel, Elliot Gast, is quickly climbing the corporate ladder until it’s pulled out from underneath him. He’s kidnapped and brutally tortured by political extremists for the acts he unwittingly committed. His humiliation is streamed online as part of an ultraviolent reality show. Elliot has no choice but to muster the will to fight back and hope someone on the other side is doing more than just watching.

Dwelling in the area of the sub-genre called “torture porn”, Senseless, delivers the cringe worthy goods that such a horror element is known for. However, unlike previous entries into the category, this movie is a whole lot smarter. Being based off a book helps balance out this take of a man taken from his normal life for no good reason and made to suffer for other’s enjoyment. It’s a slower starting movie but it’s well written and seems to have a great deal of feeling placed into it. If every “torture porn” film were like this, the sub-genre label wouldn’t have such an odd standing in the world of horror films.  Be rest a sure that this film does have more than violence for violence sake, it also has class.

In the middle of this gruesome tale, we have a character facing the loss of each of his senses in very nasty ways. While all of this going down he does what many of us would probably do. That is of course his way of spending his spare time thinking of every bad thing he has ever done. It makes the character seem more real and more sympathetic. Those are the types of things a lot of films are missing these days. Like I said, it has a slower pace. But this is also a film packed with good content and acting. I believe more people will like it than not like it overall.