Sex Hunter: Wet Target (1972) (DVD Review)

Sex Hunter: Wet Target (1972) (DVD Review)
Director:  Yukihiro Sawada
Where to get it: Synapse Films/Impulse Pictures

While rotting away in jail, Okamoto learns of the death of his beloved sister, Natsuko.  Violently assaulted by a group of U.S. military men during a drunken joyride, she was found dead by local authorities.  Haunted by the tragedy, Okamoto escapes from jail to hunt down and kill those who destroyed the life of his sister.  What he uncovers during his investigation is much more horrifying than he could ever imagine!  Fueled by rage, he meets the killers one by one as the film explodes into an unbelievable climax of bloodshed.

Well now this is more like it! Erotic cinema mashes together with old school exploitation and revenge to make this entry into the Nikkatsu series! This is probably more my type of film that most you’ll see from this series and I think it is a film that will have more of a broader appeal to the masses with the rape and revenge film elements that help hold this one together and the added in blood doesn’t hurt things at all either. It is also a really interesting and well shot film. All these things come together to make a very interesting time.

So don’t let the Sex Hunter: Wet Target title get to you, this is an old school revenge movie sprinkled with some Japanese flavor. That means we have more style to the substance, or more sizzle to the steak if you’d rather me give you an easier term to understand. I also feel this is a movie with much more re-watchable value than some of this line, so if you haven’t seen it you’ll probably like it so much when you do see it that you’ll want to show your friends and watch it again. If you’ve always been iffy on the Nikkatsu series just do yourself a favor and take a chance on this one.



– Newly Translated Removable English Subtitles
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– Liner Notes from Japanese Film Scholar Jasper Sharp