Sexandroide (1987) (DVD Review)


Sexandroide (1987) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Michel Ricaud
Starring: Various
Rated: UR/Region: 0/1:33/Number of disc: 1
Available from Massacre Video


Welcome to the temple of fear and eroticism, as a monstrous madman slowly mutilates poor young girls! See the sensual act of voodoo preformed on an innocent bar patron! View the lustful bite of a vampire! Originally marketed in France as blurring the lines between fiction and reality, this rarely seen, often talked about, shot-on-video classic is finally seeing an official DVD release. A unique and bizarre flick that defies easy classification, Sexandroide is a must for fans of extreme entertainment. Simultaneously sexy and sick, Sexandroide has it all.


Sexanroide is some sort of rare shot on video movie that blurs the lines between what is real and what is effects. It boils down to be some form of strange anthology film that comes across more along the lines of some twisted play. There are three acts or segments, none really relate to the other besides the fact they all at least have some blood and a lot of full frontal nudity from the women. The first segment sees a girl sitting at the bar, but things soon turn sour for her once someone starts using some voodoo on her and she ends up naked and bleeding in the bathroom. The next part might be the most interesting. We see in this segment some piercings and it is clear that at least those parts are real. This is mixed in with some fake effects, some bondage stuff, and other odd and weird things. I’m not sure you could ever say that you “like” something like this, but that for my money is probably at least the most interesting part and it is for some very odd reasons. Things wrap on up with a much tamer scene where a vampire attacks another woman. She, as you could probably assume, gets up naked and then does some awful dancing. That is basically the whole Sexanroide.



Know before getting this one that you aren’t getting anything that even resembles a plot as a whole. The naked women are really the only thing anything here has in common, unless you count the one guy we see and it is pretty clear he’s the male in each part of the film. The crazy thing about this film is it works best if watched with a group of friends. You might be bored or just confused while watching alone, but in a group it tends to bring the laughs as a whole and that might be the best that this film offers up to anyone who might want to see it. It works as a party film if you have a group of people around with similar film curiosity. Other wise I’m not so sure this one packs anything most will find as “must see”, very strange for sure, but not “must see”. It is barely under an hour in running time, so if curiosity does get the best of you, you at least won’t be in front of the TV seeing it for very long. It does things very differently, but it is up to you to decide of the different makes it worth your time or not.



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