Silent Night (2012) (DVD Review)

Silent Night (2012) (DVD Review)
Director:  Steven C. Miller
Where to get it: Anchor Bay

The loose remake of the 80s classic, Silent Night, Deadly Night! But here in 2012 I don’t look for as much stink to be raised up as was the case with the old school one back in 1984. The police force of a remote Midwestern town search for a killer Santa Claus who is picking off citizens on Christmas Eve. Our police force that are mostly made up of two people played by Malcolm McDowell and Jaime King spring into action all the while trying to convince us why they just can’t call other areas in to help them with the situation! But it’s okay because Santa is punishing all those who’ve been naughty!

What we have here is one of my most anticipated films of the year seeing as how the original Silent Night, Deadly Night is my all-time favorite slasher film. And I have to say the results of this loose remake are very mixed. The film does reference the more iconic moments of the original but outside of that it pretty much flies by its own set of rules with a clean slate. The references would have been a nicer touch if they didn’t try to recreate perhaps the most memorable scene from the original with the use of CGI this time around. Outside of that bad idea the movie is probably at its best when it is a gory situation because the plot its self is a little bit silly and Malcolm McDowell’s character while still entertaining is played up soo much I half way expected him to look at the camera a wink after every scene. Now don’t get me wrong here, I didn’t at all hate this film. I do however think some stuff is just a little too random for its own good.

Jaime King, who plays our leading lady does a good enough job in the role. But it is with her character that some scenes and plot elements do seem a little forced and random. The film at times attempts to beat us over the head with the fact that she and her father (a retired police officer and she’s a current one) are very close. That probably could have been done without as much effort. While this movie does try hard to make you care I think it would have been better fitted to have just done its thing and not have attempted emotional attachments with anything. The film really does hit its stride when it is just a no-name Santa tossing naked women through wood chippers. Everything else about it is a bit hit and miss. And while harmless overall I don’t think it comes close to recapturing the feel or atmosphere of the original.



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