Slasher Weekend (2015) (DVD Review)


Slasher Weekend (2015) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Joel D. Wynkoop
Starring: Ken Anthony II, Emma Banks, Ashley Lynn Caputo
Rated: UR/Region: 1/Widescreen & 1:33/Number of disc: 1 (DVD-r)
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Jenny is leaving on a trip to see her gay boyfriend Johnny, but Johnnies boyfriend Alex is very upset after being blown off by Johnny for his girlfriend so Alex grabs a knife and makes plans to get even. Meanwhile Jenny’s Daddy has a thing for his daughter and keeps fondling her causing Jenny to get very upset as well. Meanwhile Jenny’s boyfriend Aaron crashes the party and wants to go along but hates Johnnie with a passion and threatens to kill him and meanwhile there is a knife wielding monster that wants to kill everyone for no apparent reason. See it to believe it!


I happen to think Joel D. Wynkoop is a national treasure, or at least an indie movie treasure. I love his performances in countless movies and I’m more than happy any time to watch a movie he directs or is in. I also have the uncanny ability to stomach shot on video horror films and accept them for all their faults, and lord knows they have lots of them. That brings us to the 2015 Wynkoop directed, Slasher Weekend. A movie that is supposed to be a 2015 movie, but looks like it was made in the 90s. It is a shot on video movie and it has all those things you’ve come to expect and that is before the footage was obviously dumbed-down in what I assume was made to try to cover up the obvious scenes where the two folks having a conversation are obviously not in the same room. A common practice in these types of movies. Slasher Weekend is about as bad as you’d imagine, but the key here is it also remains an entertainingly bad movie. Something that can make all the difference in the world with a shot on video horror film.



So the plot is basics, people go on a trip, the boyfriend doesn’t get along with the girl’s gay friend. Awful things are said in a hilarious manner and this goes down while a killer is killing in the woods, and also while random folks just happen to come into these woods. Toss in a few plot twists and some nudity and you have our film here in a nutshell. I will say it upfront, if you don’t like these types of movies before, then you will not like what you get here. If you do like them for being just what these types of movies are, then you get your fix and then some with this. Joel D. Wynkoop is hilarious and he made a movie that is by the numbers to what you usually see him in. I admit the movie has a lot of faults, but it was still fun and I found myself legit laughing at some of the things happening in this movie. If you like stuff that might be so bad they are good, then I say you will like what you get here. We some strange style and effects methods I might not totally dig, but I don’t dislike this one and I found a lot of it awkwardly solid still.



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