Slaughterhouse (1987) (Blu-ray Review) (88 Films UK Version)


Slaughterhouse (1987) (Blu-ray Review) (88 Films UK Version)
Directed By: Rick Roessler
Starring: Joe B. Barton, Don Barrett, Sherry Leigh
Rated: 18 (UK)/Region O/1:78/1080p/Number of Discs 1
Available from 88 Films UK

If you loved THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE and THE HILLS HAVE EYES then you are sure to pig-out with the sicko-shocks of eighties fright-favourite SLAUGHTERHOUSE. This corpse-ridden classic introduces one of the screen s most memorable madmen in Buddy a cleaver-wielding backwoods baddie who, along with his father Lester, doesn t take kindly to trespassers. Buddy was brought up killing and packing meat, but now his rage turns to teens and market-capitalists seeking to buy-out his dad s property. The end result is a tongue-in-cheek terror totem that returns from the VHS vaults to BluRay in this great new HD master scanned from the original negative by director Rick Roessler!

I love slasher movies. I won’t say I like all of them, but I can tolerate even the bad ones from the sub-genre more so than other types of movies, just based solely because they are slashers. Slaughterhouse isn’t THAT good. I mean, let’s be honest here, if there is levels of slashers, this one isn’t a B-team slashers, it is on down the line of slashers. I do think having a Blu-ray of it is at least nice, seeing as how all I had before was the old DVD and it wasn’t even in widescreen. It might not look amazing in HD, but it is the thought that counts and 88 Films UK has plenty of good intentions. Now, back to the movie. In the long line of slashers that came out in the 80s a few were lost in the shuffle. While films like, Intruder, were gems that were unfairly overlooked during their time, we also have a few that may have been better off left in the time capsule. Slaughterhouse is sadly one of those films. Now don’t get me wrong, it has a unique plot. The giant sized killer making pig sounds is amusing, and we do have some cool moments of gore, but the film is a film that has far more wrong with it than it has right. While some might think it’s “so bad it’s good”, I think the slow nature of it overall just dragged it down too much.


One bad thing this one has going against it is the characters here are about as plain Jane as you could get. We know the female lead wants to make a horror movie and we know she’s the daughter of the town’s sheriff. Yet outside of that we have nothing else at all to connect to or latch on to about her or anyone else. Let’s be honest, she’s cute, but not THAT cute to where we will go along with her just because. I don’t like the overly gimmick or stereotypical characters, but these people don’t even seem normal. They more or less could have been replaced with cardboard stand-ins and nobody would have cared or noticed. All this leads up to a slow moving slasher with some good moments of gore here and there, but it’s overall forgettable. It does, however, give us an ending a Texas Chainsaw Massacre film would somewhat reuse years later. It may be worth checking out for slasher fans, but not worth breaking your neck over trying to seek out. STILL, if you do insist on seeking out this one, by all means go get the 88 Films version here, you will at least be happy with the overall package over the old school DVD that has long been out of print.


– All Region Codes
– Brand New Director Approved UNCUT HD Transfer
– Rick Roessler Interview
– New 2015 Audio Commentary by Rick Roessler and Jerry Encoe
– Jerry Encoe Interview
– Raw On-set Footage
– Buddy Meets the Public
– Theatrical Trailer (HD)
– TV Spots
– No Smoking Trailer
– 88 Films Trailer Reel
– Collector’s Booklet By Calum Waddell
– Reversible Sleeve

Quality of the Transfer: 72%





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