Slimed (2010) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Slimed (2010) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)
DIRECTED BY: Eric Manche, Jeff Nitzberg
STARRING: Jordan Lee, Dustin Triplett, Jessica Borusky

Nature is under attack and Ranger Rock Rockerson is ready to shoot someone in the face. An ill-tempered park ranger and a peppy bible salesman hatch a harebrained scheme to save a nature preserve from the government shutdown. Deep in the wilderness, they discover that the park has a much bigger problem: a mysterious and sinister toxic slime that is oozing its way towards destroying not just the woods but the entire free world. This dim-witted duo must come together to battle incomprehensible evil, uncover endless stupidity and avoid exploding children at all cost.

Slimed was a movie that was made in 2010 but is just now getting a release from Troma on Blu-ray. The movie has a running time they barely goes under an hour. Also, if I am, to be honest with you, this is one of the worst looking Blu-rays I’ve seen from a company in a while. None the less, a bible thumper and an atheist are off to save nature and along the way, they run across lots of strange creatures, most of which are puppets. Or they deal with some bad CGI. While I consider myself to be a major Troma fan and can find good in just about anything they put out, I didn’t find this one to be very amusing or funny for the most part. The jokes fall flat and we don’t really have any of the other usual Troma elements to hold things together. I’d also say if you stick with this one until the end you don’t really find a solid resolution or ending to the film.

That’s a list of annoying characters, bad CGI, a silly plot, and a movie that feels a lot longer than the 58 or 59 minutes that it runs. I’m also still confused as to why this is on Blu-ray when it clearly isn’t really in HD. Either it was rendered wrong or they just tossed it on Blu-ray just to do it. Troma till does DVDs of stuff that isn’t in HD, so I’m wondering what went wrong here and why this choice was made. Slimed just isn’t very good and I have a hard time finding anything really good to say about it other than giving it credit for at least being finished because making movies isn’t an easy thing even if they aren’t very good.


– An introduction by Lloyd Kaufman (Creator of The Toxic Avenger)
– Directors and Cast Audio Commentaries
– Easter Eggs
– The Trek to Devilman
– Uncut “Clean-O Tests”
– The Bloopers of Slimed
– Original Directors’ Sketch
– Deleted/Alternate Scenes
– Trailers and More!