Sorceress (1995) (Uncensored Director Approved Edition) (Blu-ray Review)


Sorceress (1995) (Uncensored Director Approved Edition) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Jim Wynorski
Starring: Linda Blair, Julie Strain, Michael Parks
Rated: UR/Region O/1:78/1080p/Number of Discs 1
Available from Synapse Films


Larry Barnes (Larry Poindexter) is on the fast track to a partnership in a prestigious law firm, and his sexy witch wife Erica (Julie Strain, HEAVY METAL 2000) will do anything to keep her husband happy. But Erica makes a fatal mistake when she tries to kill Larry’s main competition for the partnership, Howard Reynolds (Edward Albert, GALAXY OF TERROR). With Howard now crippled for life from Erica’s dark magic, his wife Amelia (Linda Blair, THE EXORCIST) plots her revenge. Using witchcraft and a mystical medallion, Amelia tries to destroy everyone and everything in Larry’s life! All the pleasures of the flesh and malevolence of black magic collide in this newly remastered and uncensored version of Jim Wynorski’s SORCERESS (aka TEMPTRESS). Presented for the first time ever from a new 2K scan of the original uncut film element, this release features sex scene footage and additional nudity removed from the original release.


I had never seen Sorceress before seeing the new Blu-ray from Synapse Films, but it is a bit of an odd cookie to crack. Naturally I was interested due to Linda Blair being in it. I was also interested because of the director Jim Wynorski. Heck, for an added bonus it even has Michael Parks in a role and Fred Olen Ray is here too. When you mention all of that together it really does make you think you are getting a classic! But Sorceress isn’t what I’d call a classic at all. I can see where some dig it, but the movie plays more along the lines of one of those late-night HBO softcore movies we’d sneak and watch on TV as kids. Making an even bigger case for that is co-star Julie Strain. If you’ve seen any of those movies like I was talking about, then you’ve seen her. She’s here in all her glory playing a woman using her witchery for bad things. Her plot goes south, she ends up kicking the bucket and coming back to haunt her boyfriend. This isn’t really a spoiler because it is basically the plot. Then the plot goes into Linda Blair’s character going for revenge by using some of the same means and what we get is a movie using a very disjointed plot as an excuse for a T and A show. Now, I don’t mind such things and Wynorski did give us Busty Cops so this type of thing isn’t completely unexpected, but having Blair involved is a bit of a shock. I know she isn’t an A-lister by any means, but you have to imagine she probably isn’t too keen about being in this one. Also, sadly, she’s the only female here in the movie that doesn’t get naked.

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The movie is a bit awkward and does lose some steam as it goes along. I perhaps had my hopes a little too high going into this one and as a result I was a bit let-down by what I saw. I like a good T and A show as much as the next guy who digs seeing naked women, especially some of the lovely ladies this movie offers up naked. I just had hoped for something a little more along the honest to goodness horror side of things, but that isn’t the case. This is still the only way you will be seeing this film uncensored, which I’m sure is another thing adding to why this one feels like a Skinamax special. The transfer looks great and I’m not shocked at all by that fact because every transfer Synapse tends to touch looks great and is always THE version of the film to see. We also have two commentary tracks with the director and one also with special guest Tom Savini. I’d just say if you want to check this one out you are best to go into it with full knowledge of what you are going to get. You know what type of movies Julie Strain usually does and that is more or less what you are getting here. Only this time around we have a few more names tossed in for good measure like Linda Blair, who I’m sure is the reason her name seems to be buried a bit behind a few others in the opening credits.



– Original Never-Before-Seen Uncensored Version Remastered in 2K from Original Vault Materials
– Audio Commentary with Director Jim Wynorski
– Additional Audio Commentary with Director Jim Wynorski and SPFX Make-Up Artist/Actor/Director, Tom Savini

Quality of Transfer: 96%