Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (1988) (UK 88 Films DVD Review)

Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (1988)
Director: David DeCoteau
Where to get it: 88 Films

There are no freshmen in the college of love, and they’re about to graduate to madcap mayhem when a sorority prank goes crazy.  Out to steal a trophy from a local bowling alley, the kids accidentally unleash the imp – a sadistic little spirit with a diabolical sense of humor.  He creates demons and loves sexy women.  He’s the original party animal, inviting you to come along and die laughing – just like everybody else.  The Sorority Babes won’t live through initiation, but don’t blame that cute little killer.  He’s evil by nature and funny as hell.  And even if you can take a joke, it kills you.

This is one I had never seen before now. This is some pure 80s cheesy courtesy of Full Moon Entertainment. Keep in mind during this time period Charles Band was probably involved in his best work from a company standpoint. Here we have horror favorite, Linnea Quigley, in the role of Spider. Spider is a bad ass character who ends up with a geeky dude battling an IMP. Not sure if you know what an IMP is, but you can’t trust them. They are tricky and evil little fellows. But they are also funny. The result is some 80s style silliness that you can enjoy just as long as you never take any of it too seriously.

It might not have actually been called Full Moon at the time, but this stuff (while silly) is way better than 90% of what you see from them today. We have fun characters, a silly plot, and comedic moments that are actually funny. We also have a dose of horror dashed on top for good measure. If you compiled a list of movies that are in the “so bad it’s good” range, you might just find a film like this there. That might sound like a negative but it really isn’t. This movie is a blue print for a fun 80s horror comedy.